Settings -> Wifi status "unknown" solved?

nickd blumph at
Sun Aug 17 04:12:22 CEST 2008

I'm also interested in this. I didn't see that fix about volatiles.cache 
and consequently did it manually in the CLI and worked fine for me, 
indicating that it wasn't a kernel or hardware issue.

Nathan Kinkade wrote:
> I have noticed a number of threads where people have mentioned seeing
> Wifi indicate a state of "unknown" in Settings (Exposure).  I too
> recently started having that problem.   The very last entry (as I
> write this) of this ticket was useful
>, mentioning that hald not
> running seemed to be the underlying issue.  The solution for me was to
> delete /etc/volatile.cache and then reboot.  I'm not sure how the
> stale /etc/volatiles.cache file got there without having the hald
> entries.
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