Suspend/Resume Issue: Possible Hardware Problem?

nickd blumph at
Sun Aug 17 07:04:17 CEST 2008

AFAIK they all use the same kernel. Look for a file called "resume reason".


Robert Bieber wrote:
> The problem isn't just occurring in 2008.8, the same happens in FSO and 
> Qtopia.  If it were a software issue, it would seem that reflashing 
> would at least have it working as long as it worked in the first place, 
> but I now have no ability to come out of suspend at all, even after 
> flashing the phone (and I've now tried removing the battery for 30 
> seconds as well).  Could it possibly be an issue with uBoot?  That's the 
> only piece of software I haven't reflashed yet...
> William Kenworthy wrote:
>> known software bug -

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