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Sun Aug 17 11:51:38 CEST 2008

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Hi Nicholas

It is strange. You should have zhome running that show you a little
interface. Are you sure the installation was ok?

I tried to install XFCE and I was successfull: I installed Debian using
the procedure. (I used only a vfat/ext3 to have less truble).
After the zhome turn on, with CTRL+ALT+X I open a terminal and with
apt-get I installed aptitude.

apt-get install aptitude

Then I installed xfce with all the dependencies. It took some time but
at the end I got a full funtional debian desktop in my freerunner. You
can find all the usually application (Pidgin, Editor,etc.) only your
limit is the space on SD card and the ram in the system.

I is fantastic, the only thing you need is a bigger Micro SD card,
because the 512Mb one shipped is sufficent only for the base image and

I hope my experience will be usefull for someone.

Michele Renda

Nicholas Dube wrote:
> I just installed debian to my freerunner.  How do I startup the gui?  I
> have xterm running.
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