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Mon Aug 18 09:41:17 CEST 2008

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Hi Sebastian

I am using your patch and simply it is perfect. You could add also the
visive feedback, but for me is usefull also so.

In this moment I am using my FR with Debian + XFCE + Pidgin etc etc.
About the calibration it work with your new calibration. It seem to be
that the start point is on TOP-LEFT but then, when I move the pointer,
it move only of X/2 and Y/2.

I think you have to check what you modified.

In every case thank you for your patch, it gave me the possibility to
full use my XFCE DE

Michele Renda

Sebastian Ohl wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sun, 2008-08-17 at 18:15 +0200, arne anka wrote:
>> thanks for the fast work -- but it seems to damage calibration.
>> in the upper left corner stylus and pointer are at the same position, but  
>> the more i go towards lower right, the greater the gap betwen the pointer  
>> position and the position i tap.
>> when in the lower right corner, the pointer is at maybe 2/3.
> i had the same problems. simply download
> and cat it again
> in /etc/pointercal. i don't know why there is a version for fso and
> non-fso ... i thought that the calibration data should be independent of
> the framework.
> Sebastian
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