Finger stylus found...

Flyin_bbb8 flyin.bbb8 at
Mon Aug 18 12:09:47 CEST 2008

well these guys obviously think all their customers are stupid, found
this on their main page

"Here are just five of the many benefits of our finger stylus and pen
cap stylus:

1. Increase your productivity by up to 30%!
2. Prolong the life of your touch screen and PDA.
3. Decrease the need to clean your screen.
4. TrueTip styluses reduce costly repairs due to damage done by
foreign objects and fingernails.
5. Using TrueTip styli will eliminate scratches, smudges, smears,
marks, food prints, and oils, and ink from your PDA or touch screen."

(number 5 makes sense the most)  <-- do germans get this once arne? :p

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