Replacing the Openmoko Touchscreen

AVee openmoko-comunity at
Mon Aug 18 13:51:34 CEST 2008

On Wednesday 13 August 2008 23:29, John Koenig wrote:
> Is it possible to remove the touchscreen from its mounting on the
> GTA02?  Visually it looks possible, but it certainly doesn't seem to
> want to come out easily.

Did you actually manage to get a new sceen yet? I #%(!@$@#)$#%)!@~! dropped my 
freerunner on the pavement which broke the screen. 

Please keeps us updated if you are actually going to repair your freerunner. 
I'm not very keen on getting a whole new freerunner just because the screen 
is broken. Anyone around with a GTA01 to get rid off or a freerunner which is 
broken in some other way?

If that doesn't work i'll have to find some use for a 400Mhz low power debian 

A few lessons learned during my holiday: 
- The freerunner does work at altitudes above 2000m.
- It will also work fine at speeds around 180 km/h...
- ...but operating the touchscreen while driving isn't that easy.
- (Up to ~140Km/h the speedometer of my car is remarkably accurate).
- Just a heading towards your destination is generally quite usefull...
- ...but less usefull when there's a huge mountain inbetween.
- You can only use it as just GPS for more around 6 hours. 
- A nokia BL-5C makes a fine spare battery.
- A toothpick is perfectly useable as a styles, cheaper to replace as well.
- An cheapo usb car charger will happily charge at 1 amp.
- You can drag it up and down a few mountains without problems.
- You will break it during a 'save' trip to a nice old village...


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