OpenMoko apps website ?

Valerio Valerio vdv100 at
Tue Aug 19 13:09:48 CEST 2008


besides projects.openmoko, I think OpenMoko should have a new website more
oriented to the users, it all the OpenMoko applications organized by
categories, with screenshots, small descriptions and also the direct link to
the packages. Something like this:

Sometimes I go to the  screenshots area of linuxtogo and I see very cool app
running on the FR there, but a lot of times I don't know what app is, this
new site will resolve this lack for sure.

When OpenMoko goes to prime time, and non technical people get in touch it
the phone this application site will give a lot of help to those people that
don't know all the free apps that can install in the phone.

what do you think ?


Valério Valério
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