USB keyboard in hostmode?

Fox Mulder Quakeman1 at
Tue Aug 19 14:35:40 CEST 2008

Now i tested it with an usb hub but the behaviour is the same.
In the log it shows that it found the hub and after attaching the
keyboard it found both hid devices (keyboard and mouse). But again only
the mouse part works and the keyboard does nothing. The log doesn't show
any relevant difference when i connect the keyboard through the hub
compared to directly attached.


PS: The keyboard works with windows without any special driver. ;)

Jay Vaughan wrote:
>> Maybe i should test it with a more simple usb keyboard without any  
>> extra
>> functions.
> You should test your USB keyboard with the Freerunner, using a USB  
> *HUB* in between, and see if that doesn't fix things.  IFAICT, there  
> are details not-yet-well-understood regarding the nature of the  
> termination and 'pull-up' resistor normally included on standard USB  
> Host ports which may not be included with the Freerunner hardware  
> design - meaning a simple female/female convertor isn't going to be  
> enough, there will need to be a cap and a resistor included in the  
> schematic in order to make the USB Host controller onboard the  
> Freerunner believe it is talking to a proper USB hub node.  If this  
> isn't there, the controller believes its only got a single device to  
> talk with, physically, and in your case this isn't true - you've got  
> two devices onboard.  So, you need the cap and resistor, I bet.
> Easiest way to get them: put a USB hub in between, and see if that  
> makes things better.
> ;
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