Acoustic Position Measuring Device

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> I would think main problem is microphone sensitivity/speaker strength.
> Hard to get over noise.
> But I am curious to know to what point this could work !

Uncertainty in the measurement would be an issue, but to what degree I do
not know. I think this could at least be accurate enough to adequately
measure the length of a couch while shopping.

The Vernier device [1] is pretty accurate:
- ultrasound frequency: 50 kHz
- resolution: 1 mm
- accuracy: 2 mm
- range: MD-BTD - 0.15 m to 6 m
MDO-BTD - 0.5 m to 6 m
- speed of ultrasound used to calculate distance: 343 m/s
- power: 51 mA while running

-Charles Edward Pax

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