Acoustic Position Measuring Device

Flyin_bbb8 flyin.bbb8 at
Tue Aug 19 19:16:04 CEST 2008

I think if we can have a small device, just made up of a mic and a
speaker and a IC :p then we can put the device like at the end of the
wall and we'll go to the other side .. so as we want to measure the
distance between the device and the freerunner, if we could have a
directional speaker directed to the device.. sends out at a specified
frequency, the device will only respond to those frequencies and it'll
respond back in a different frequency... then we wouldn't have the
problem of the device listening to it's own sounds from the speaker or
reflections from objects close that weren't intend to be measured ,the
latency of the device should be known and accurate everytime..  also
if the mic is directional look to the speaker would be good... i think
a small usb device connected to freerunner with a directional speaker
and mic would be do the job :)

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