SDHC 16GB 15MB/s card

Dale Maggee antisol at
Wed Aug 20 05:11:13 CEST 2008

Mikko Rauhala wrote:
> ti, 2008-08-19 kello 18:06 -0400, Geoff Ruscoe kirjoitti:
>> I am looking to upgrade my Micro SDHC card and I found:
>> a 16GB Sandisk w / 15MB/s speeds.  This sounded like a winner to me,
>> but I wasn't sure if it would work.
>> The model number is: SDSDRH-016G-A11
> Googling this model number finds an SDHC card. _Not_ a µSDHC card. It
> will not fit mechanically.
> Also, I haven't seen 16G cards (µSDHC ones) on the market yet, though
> certainly they're coming. (By the way, a 15MB/s card is kind of overkill
> on the FR, it can't manage half that - just for future reference, if you
> find yourself wondering whether to spend extra bucks for card speed.)
> Anyway, any µSDHC card "should" work. In case of unexpected
> incompatibility, 1) finetune the Glamo SD clock and/or other settings
> and report back 2) return the card and get a different model.
I have a sandisk 8gb card, and it works just fine. I seem to recall 
reading somewhere that 8gb was the biggest a FR could handle? or was it 
that 8gb is the biggest that is known to work?

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