Openmoko L10N effort.

Evgeny Ginzburg Nad.Oby at
Wed Aug 20 12:29:16 CEST 2008

Hello all

I see value for creating some infrastructure around I18N/L10N of Openmoko.

Below my 2 Russian kopeykas

1. First of all it might to be *easy* to begin translating.
For easy part we can use pootle [1]to provide web access. Translator 
will not see bit of source code if he/she don't wont.

2. It might be easy to developer put his app to translating and retrieve 
back translated PO's . For this VCS is good [2]

3. Somebody have to be in charge for all this - Openmoko employee 
volunteer, it is not really important.

4. Good to have common place for all people to communicate: mailllist 
IRC chat. For now devel at is good.

5. Good to have some automatic system to warn interested people about 
new POT files, changes, etc. - mailbots ircbots to rescue you.

 From Openmoko employees, please setup some infrastructure for 
translating teams to use.
If you don't have resources/time ask a community for help.
Ideal will be pootle (some better solution?) integrated with sort of VCS.

CCd to community list

P.S. Everybody, You can translate NOW om-locations[3] and, tangoGPS[4] , 
they are L10N-ready. Thanks to Chia-I Wu and Marcus Bauer.

Regards, Evgeny

(git clone git://

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