Testing and Unstable feeds for the FSO distribution are now available

Rod Whitby rod at whitby.id.au
Wed Aug 20 14:00:26 CEST 2008

I have created an unofficial auto-builder for the FSO
distribution at http://shr.bearstech.com (hosting of the
server is provided by Bearstech - I have no relationship
with Bearstech other than managing the auto-builder that
runs on the server they have provided for this purpose).

The server currently contains continuous builds of the
fso-testing and fso-unstable distributions for the
OpenMoko GTA01 (Neo 1973) and GTA02 (Neo FreeRunner).
In the future it will also contain continuous builds of the
shr-testing and shr-unstable distributions.

The fso-testing and fso-unstable distributions are built
from the org.openembedded.dev branch of the
git://git.openembedded.net/org.openembedded.dev.git repository.
Both are built with DISTRO set to 'openmoko' and MACHINE set
to sequentially to 'om-gta01' and 'om-gta02'.

The fso-testing distribution builds the versions of packages
specified in the preferred-om-2008-versions.inc file and the
sane-srcrevs.inc file.  A key feature of the fso-testing
distribution is that the package versions do not change unless
by direct action of developers to update those files.  The
intention is that this results in a recent set of packages that
have undergone some rudimentary testing by the developers.

The fso-unstable distribution allows a certain set of packages
(defined in the moko-autorev.inc and fso-autorev.inc files) to
'float', and therefore is more likely to have the absolute latest
version of any package, but also more likely to include versions
of packages that do not not work and sometimes do not even build.

The set of packages built is determined by contents of the
task-openmoko-feed recipe in the OpenEmbedded repository.

Build results are reported continuously to the oestats server at

All source tarballs used can be found in the sources directory
on the server.

Note that images that are rebuilt multiples times on the same day
are overwritten.  The server operates in the CEST timezone.

To replicate the configuration of this server, you should use a
Debian Lenny host operating system, with the host package
configuration as specified in the sources.list and dpkg-list.txt
files in the server-config directory.

Then copy the Makefile and 'common' directory to your build area.
Read the Makefile for further documentation and instructions.

-- Rod Whitby
-- MokoMakefile and FsoMakefile author

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