Customize Debian image in a mini desktop

Sebastian Ohl sebastian+ml.openmoko-community at
Wed Aug 20 23:30:50 CEST 2008


On Wed, 2008-08-20 at 14:39 -0400, xaos x wrote:
> I'm currently finishing up a battery power python app for any of the system trays (GNOME, XFCE, etc) so you can see battery power when zhone is either not open, or minimized. I plan on adding phone network status and other information to it as well. I'll post the link here when I'm finished.
i'm currently doning the same but it's only a xfce panel plugin so you
can't use it for gnome etc. my program can currently show the status of
the gps,gsm,bt devices. so i did it the other way around. may be we
should combine our afforts so we get a faster solution. i think my next
step would be to build an app to enable or disable the gps&co hardware.

 Sebastian Ohl

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