Ahah: and you released anyway ? - Re: [ Software Testing Report : 2008.08.07 ]

Paul Buede paul at buede.com
Thu Aug 21 02:35:57 CEST 2008

Since we're top posting... I just want to throw in that I really like OM
2008.8. After seeing all the problems people had with it when it came
out I went to the newest Qtopia but I had issues with reception and
using devices like headsets/speakerphone. I then decided to try OM
2008.8. At first the bugs bothered me, but then I learned it a bit. I
haven't had the incoming call-cannot answer problem in a while. That
bugged me the most. Now, I am only using the phone features and texting
really at this point, but it imported all my contacts just fine. The
battery life isn't outstanding but I am sure it will get better.
All-in-all I think its decent. I had a hard time on occasions when going
to dialer, then contacts then tapping the contact. It wouldn't always
select the contact and go to the screen where I could place a call. I
found that double tapping with my finger seems to always work, lets the
phone know I am serious I guess hahaha. Anyway, I am grateful OM is
here, I waited a long time with my Treo 650, not replacing it until the
Neo came out. So far its not perfect, but its definitely a step in the
right direction, and I have a ton of confidence its going to be
fantastic in the next several months as things get worked out.

Thanks again. And thanks to the community that has been so supportive.

Steve Mosher wrote:
> bingo
> Michele Renda wrote:
> This type of comments are the type of comment that I hate most of all.
> Please let the people to work in peace, and if you want to make an
> appoint, please make in a constructive way.
> We all was knowing that OM 2008.8 was in very early development, and no
> one force you to use it.
> People like you bring firms to have a close development process.
> Regards
> Michele Renda
> Olivier Berger wrote:
> >>> Wendy <wendy_hung at openmoko.com> writes:
> >>>
> >>>> Dear community,
> >>>>
> >>>> here is the QA report which has been created before Om 2008.8 was
> released. We
> >>>> simply forgot to send this report to a public list because we
> were too busy
> >>>> with the release preparations. Sorry.
> >>>>
> >>> SNIP
> >>>
> >>>> Due to all these critical major bugs, from our testing team point
> of view:
> >>>> Not stable enough to release our Om 2008.8.
> >>> The subject says it all.
> >>>
> >>> No need for more comments, I guess.
> >>>
> >>> Maybe I should have quoted the release announcement email too !
> >>>
> >>> Regards,
> >>
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