fluxbox and wicd on Debian

Greg Bonett greg at bonett.org
Thu Aug 21 22:48:55 CEST 2008

I've been playing around with Debian on the FR and figured I would report
my experiences.

Unfortunately I'm working with the 512mb SD card that came with my FR
(install.sh had trouble partitioning my 4gb SDHC) so I haven't been able
to install too many aps

I was able to install fluxbox (a lightweight window manager).
It works well, but you need to remember to start the matchbox keyboard and
an xterm window with the .fluxbox/startup file. (fluxbox's menu is usually
accessed with a right click)

Icons can be added to the desktop easily by installing fbdesk.

I also installed WICD to handle wireless networking.  It's a python app
that doesn't rely on GNOME or KDE (but does use GTK)


I haven't tested it extensively yet but it looks promising (make sure you
already have wpa_supplicant, wirelesstools, etc installed)

using Debian made all of this a breeze, can't wait to get my 4gb card

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