Navit patch for faster map dragging

Florian Hackenberger f.hackenberger at
Thu Aug 21 23:00:22 CEST 2008

On Thursday 21 August 2008, Yohann (YC) Coppel wrote:
> Wahou !
> That is way faster than before ! great !

> The svn version you are using should have the gypsy patch, but I
> don't see any vehicle_gypsy in /usr/lib/navit/vehicle/. Is it
> compiled it with some options (like --disable-gypsy) ? or something
> like that ? (I don't see any --enable-gypsy ;) )
> If so, could you rebuild it with gypsy enabled ? :) (don't have a
> build env. setup yet)
I just checked with ./configure --help and it seems to have the gypsy 
patch. I don't disable it either. Sorry, I have been unable to find the 
problem with a quick glimpse. I'm off for some holidays tomorrow 
morning, so I'm afraid I won't have time to look into this before 


DI Florian Hackenberger
florian at

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