Debian on FR: freevo, mythtv, elisa

Nik Lutz nik.lutz at
Fri Aug 22 01:33:03 CEST 2008

Recently I came up with the idea of installing a "Media Center" on my FR:

Why? Applications like mythtv, freevoo, lunuxmce are optimized for
multimedia and low resolution displays (therefore rather big
control-elements that could be used without a stylus). Some of these
applications also offer plugins for: webbrowsing, e-mail,
weather-report, news ...   Everything I'd like to see on my phone!!!

I added to my sources.list and found packages
for elisa, freevo and mythv.

Installs and starts without a problem. I can even listen to mp3-files.
The UI must be controlled with the keyboard because the mouse is not
working. Additional input-devices can be configured, but I found no
good documentation and gave up.

It installs a mysql-server! After that I didn't expect it to run. But
I was wrong. mythfrontend is quite responsive but I couldn't figure
out how to import songs or videos. So I stopped...

Would be great but terribly slow ( ~30 seconds per action). I'am quite
sure that's because elisa uses opengl (with xglamo elisa crashes on
startup). The UI is fully controlable with the mouse and looks
fantastic..... With a better display driver Elisa would be the UI for
my FR!!

elisa/python related question:
Actually the mouse does not work out of the box. I got stack-traces
saying that a function was called with to many arguments. I figured
out that all these function where receivers of "clicked"-events.

So I searched the elisa code for statements like

self.play_button.connect("clicked", self.play_button_clicked)

and added a dummy argument to every callback-function

play_button_clicked(self, drawable, x, y, z, button, time):
play_button_clicked(self, drawable, x, y, z, button, time, dummy):

After that the mouse worked. Why is the number of arguments on my FR
different? Should I file a bug?

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