ASU - out of memory?

Clemens Kirchgatterer clemens at
Fri Aug 22 17:02:53 CEST 2008

Tilman Baumann <tilman at> wrote:

> 44kbyte are not very impressive, but they prove my point never the
> less. This memory is obviously waste. It stays in swap for ages. Not
> much saved, but anyhow. It is memory that did not need to be in ram.

Tilman, i agree to most points you made in this thread, but i think the
discussion is moot anyway. adding swap to our FR is easy enought, so
everyone can do what he thinks is right. a few years ago i also was one
of the people who thought not having a swap partition would make my
linux desktop "faster". oh, dear. :-P

best regards ...

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