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> Hi  All,
> I finally decided to post something to this list I experienced today.
> I have a collegue I work with who is usually the first to get new cool tech
> gadgets. Sure enough he got both the first iphone and now just recently the
> second iphone.
> After hesitating for some days after getting the freerunner I would show it
> to him today.
> He was stunned! He said it feels really good in the hand. Actually thats
> the kind of feedback most people I know told me immidiately after handing it
> to them. Also the rubber like finish, he thinks is much better then the
> finish on the iphone.
> Sure enough he was blown away by the detail the display shows and really
> really impressed by the fact that this is all result of an open source
> project.
> The boots, well he liked them since he knows... And his comment about the
> linux kernel messages: Ah the same with a cracked iphone (I never cared to
> look into iphones that deep).
> So I think this was really cool since I did not demo much more just boot
> and tangogps and illume.
> So let's all get our hands dirty and make the software stack rock solid to
> make the neo's rock and roll!
> Openmoko Team keep up the good work!
> Cheers,
> Matthias
> Yes, and let's make sure that the basic phone functions work faultlessly
out of the box so that colleagues don't laugh at our backs (thinking the
$450 purchase was a costly mistake from a rush of hubris).
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