QtGps for Trolltechs Qtopia

Jim Morris ml at e4net.com
Sat Aug 23 20:28:32 CEST 2008

Marco Trevisan (Treviño) wrote:
> Jim Morris wrote:
>> Attached is the source and binary, if you have Qtopia, just copy the binary qtgps to your FR, and 
>> run it from the file manager or terminal. (I'll figure out how to package it soon).
>> Oh you also need to install gpsd (opkg install gpsd).
>> If you have problems let me know, I'll put up a blog entry on how to compile this with Trolltechs 
>> toolchain.
> Launching it from the filemanager I get an error saying "Can't open 
> gpsd", while gpsd is installed, configured and running correctly in my 
> phone. :o

Hmm, can you do a gpspipe -r from the command line and see what happens? You may need to install 

I'll add some logging so we can see what is going on. By default it connects to gpsd at localhost, 
any parameters passed in will be taken as a different host to connect to.

You could also try running it from the terminal and see if anything more useful is printed out.

Thanks for trying it.

Jim Morris, http://blog.wolfman.com

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