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Hi, welcome in the XFCE club :)

yochaigal wrote:
> First let me say how impressed I am with the script produced by the debian
> arm team, really great stuff.
> I've got it running on a 2gb sd card, boots into xfce with no problems
> (simply followed these instructions:
> A few issues, though:
> DHCPDISCOVER runs at every boot, then times out.  How do I disable this?  I
> have no problems manually configuring my wifi with iwconfig but I can't seem
> to get THAT to work without having it time out.

Mmm... I can not to help too much! you tried to have a look ok
/etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf ?

> xfce-panel doesn't always startup.  I have to enter terminal and run nohup
> xfce-panel & to get it to work properly.

This is simple, you can:

A) Configure /usr/bin/zhone-session:
(here is mine)

#zhone &
exec startxfce4 &
matchbox-keyboard-toggle &
exec matchbox-window-manager -use_titlebar yes

b) Add it to XFCE -> Setting -> Autostart application

  I also can't right-click--thus I
> can't change the panel settings.

You have to install the Sebastion Ohl's patch:


Attention you need to replace your calibration because for now, if you
use this patch you will have a wrong calibration (don't ask me why)

Take it
and put to /etc/pointercal

> zhone works, can make calls, etc but CANNOT receive calls.  Why is this?  
This depends by the sim, I think, I hope it arrive as soon an update!

> Thanks a lot guys, keep up the good work and remember that we are the TRUE
> open source mobile community.

We are the best :)

Michele Renda
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