Cincinnati Bell Wireless

David Pottage david at
Sat Aug 23 22:41:23 CEST 2008

On Friday 22 August 2008 02:47:00 Nick Matteo wrote:
> Hello,
> I intend to buy a FreeRunner.  This will be my first time owning a
> cell phone, though.
> My service plan is offered through my university by Cincinnati Bell
> Wireless, and includes a free phone.  Can I expect that removing the
> SIM card from the free phone and placing it in the FreeRunner will
> work?  (IE, allow calls and SMS.  I'd do any data over wifi.)


A quick google search shows that Cincinnati Bell Wireless operate a GSM 
network, which is compatible with the freerunner. You should get a 850MHz 

It is possible that your network may use nasty tricks to prevent you from 
using the SIM card from the free phone in your freerunner. It is possible to 
lock SIM cards to a particular handset for example, however this is fairly 

Welcome to the freerunner club.

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