New openmoko packages database

enaut enaut.w at
Sun Aug 24 20:27:21 CEST 2008

Thomas Bertani schrieb:
> the first prealpha of the site is aviable!!!
> Please send me a lot of feedbacks (consider that _it isn't finished_
> and the main planned features are listed in the TODO section of the
> site) :D <>
mhm the app registration is working just fine :) looks somewhat good
after xou are used to the bright purple... but there definately has to
be a edit function for the apps. I think best would be a wiki like thing
with history. So that not the app develloper has to do all the work.

the other thing is, with firefox 3 there are some mouseover bugs. so
every text gets underlined on mouseover thats quite unusual and very


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