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Sun Aug 24 21:49:02 CEST 2008

this is another question better to me... this is an openmoko opkg system
issue XD

2008/8/24 Rui Miguel Silva Seabra <rms at>

> I'm not talking about the design, but the purpose, maybe you could shift
> its design into a more benefic one?
> Encoraging users, specially the less savvy ones, to install software
> like that is a danger and the reason why Apple's decision is both bad
> and right at the same time.
> The main problem with Apple's decision to only run cryptographically
> signed software, is that you don't own the keys, Apple does. So they
> control what you can install.
> I urge that opkg be modified in order to install packages only if
> they're signed, and that it takes excrutiantingly painful paths in order
> to install something without a signature (if you want an example,
> Firefox's excellent new Bad Certificate warning, many hate it because
> they find it a hinderance to read and learn, but they made the right
> decision).
> Rui
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