GPS logger / field data collection

Jim Morris ml at
Sun Aug 24 23:05:53 CEST 2008

Abdelrazak Younes wrote:
> IMO, just use the raw Ublox binary format. It's rather simple to decode. 
> I have already implemented a binary decoder for the Ublox binary format 
> based on Ublox open documentation of the protocol. My plan is to release 
> this code under the GPL at some point.

I agree if there is already a compact binary format then we should use that.
Is there currently a way to capture that raw format?

> Here is my roadmap more or less:
> 1) port my Ublox decoder to linux and openmoko. I plan to use CMake as 
> the build system.
> 2) add some logger functionality to the program above so that some Ublox 
> logs can be requested.
> 3) implement an ephemeris and almanac saving and restoring solution
> 4) do the same as above for some SBAS messages if possible (not sure it is)
> 5) implement a simple Qt4 navigation program using openmap.

Sounds good, I made a start with a Qtopia port of xgps, the fact it gets its data from gpsd at the 
moment is irrelvant as it could just as easily get the raw data and parse it.

Code is here... (Its needs a bit of work to replace the sprintfs xpgs used to the equivalent Qt, but 
I simply copied/pasted that code from xgps).

Jim Morris,

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