GPS logger / field data collection

Abdelrazak Younes younes at
Mon Aug 25 00:26:08 CEST 2008

Jim Morris wrote:
> Abdelrazak Younes wrote:
>> IMO, just use the raw Ublox binary format. It's rather simple to decode.
>> I have already implemented a binary decoder for the Ublox binary format
>> based on Ublox open documentation of the protocol. My plan is to release
>> this code under the GPL at some point.
> I agree if there is already a compact binary format then we should use that.
> Is there currently a way to capture that raw format?

I don't know which device represents the ublox but, provided that it is 
properly configured, a simple 'cat /dev/ublox ~/log.ubx'

>> Here is my roadmap more or less:
>> 1) port my Ublox decoder to linux and openmoko. I plan to use CMake as
>> the build system.
>> 2) add some logger functionality to the program above so that some Ublox
>> logs can be requested.
>> 3) implement an ephemeris and almanac saving and restoring solution
>> 4) do the same as above for some SBAS messages if possible (not sure it is)
>> 5) implement a simple Qt4 navigation program using openmap.
> Sounds good, I made a start with a Qtopia port of xgps, the fact it gets its data from gpsd at the
> moment is irrelvant as it could just as easily get the raw data and parse it.

For this we could just send the binary message in a socket to some 
configurable IP address. I also suggest that you add the ability to 
parse a file. This will offer you replay functionality.

> Code is here... (Its needs a bit of work to replace the sprintfs xpgs used to the equivalent Qt, but
> I simply copied/pasted that code from xgps).

I'll try to have a look next week. You should probably put this in some 
SCM. git seems to be in widespread use around here. What about github?


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