Debian on the FreeRunner -- a few questions/solutions

Eli retracile at
Mon Aug 25 02:26:12 CEST 2008

On Thursday 21 August 2008 02:06:59 pm Fox Mulder wrote:
> First of all i must say that i'm quite impressed with debian on the
> freerunner. It runs quite smooth most of the time and the software
> choices are realy nice. :)
> There is a thing what i found out about the matchbox keyboard. The
> standard layout is quite bad so i tried my customized from 2007.2 which
> doesn't work at all (i already read about this problem). After a long
> try and error session i found out why it doesn't work. The matchbox
> keyboard which comes with debian seems not to get along with the
> action="modifier:layout" tag. After i found out i removed all
> alternative layouts and it worked with my nice german layout with f-keys
> and everithing which is on the keyboard. :)
> If someone is interested in the german layout with f-keys i attached.
> Now to the questions i couldn't solve myself until now and i hope
> somebody has a few hints for me.
> First thing is that i can't find the setting, when the display dims the
> brightness. The default setting dims it after some minutes (~3-5 min, i
> didn't measure it) what is way to late for battery usage. Also it would
> ne nice to set the maximum brightness and not always maximum (63).

# add inut nodes to ignore for idle activity
ignoreinput = 2,3,4
# configure timeouts (in seconds) here. A value of 0
# means 'never fall into this state' (except programatically)
idle = 10
idle_dim = 30
idle_prelock = 10
lock = 1
suspend = 0

That help?

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