Backup rootfs and turn it into flasheable image

Eli retracile at
Mon Aug 25 02:48:57 CEST 2008

On Sunday 24 August 2008 06:43:21 pm David Samblas wrote:
> Hi there I need some help hero because I have done some test but nothing
> really works.
> I want to be able to create a flaseable rootfs image from the actual
> content of te neo, due dfu-util is no usable for this (see
> I can guess the way
> would be an scp copy to pc, and create a jffs2 image from the result of
> the scp copy.
> but, two cuestion arise and I'm still not found a solution
> how to avoid special dirs (dev, sys, proc...) or only  not to copy the
> content of directories like media or mnt?
> how to create a jffs2 image from the content of a directory?

Read the "Create rootfs and kernel images" section of

> I will be happy to put all this on a script a have a one-command backup
> image, and due the size of the result (a max 256 Mb) will be a good
> project to have repository of users image files to show what they have
> done and some pimp configurations/applications.
> I am working on a image like an idea I have read on some post here to
> have an demo-image that in spite of will be in very alpha stage can show
> in a demo a bit of the capabilities of the neo, (not debian allowed I'm
> talking about only using the nand :),

Heh.  Read _all_ of ... Debian fits on 

> I'm waiting for my 2Gb Sandisk to 
> arrive and install Debian at fulltrottel :) ), now I'm using the
> Raster-Zecke tandem and I have installed succesfully tangogps (gps works
> maps not showed), numptyphisics,orrery,om-console and rotate(simplier
> than gestures only rotates the screen) I will like to make pu ic the
> result of the backup to save time to anyone that needs a quick demo to
> show , any sugestion of other wow software will be really apreciaeted.


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