GPS logger / field data collection

Brian Wilson brian at
Mon Aug 25 07:35:04 CEST 2008

> IMO, just use the raw Ublox binary format. It's rather simple to decode.
> I have already implemented a binary decoder for the Ublox binary format
> based on Ublox open documentation of the protocol. My plan is to release
> this code under the GPL at some point.

The only GPS receiver that I have that does u-blox binary format is
the one in the Freerunner, and the others are Trimble and Garmin and
SiRF and NMEA. So I'd be limited to using only one receiver out of my
collection. Especially I'd love to be able to use the fancy Trimble
ProXH via bluetooth and not be forced to use the Windows Mobile device
they expect you to use. (Trimble Recon) So I was looking for a more
general solution.

But it's a starting point anyway, and hey, I work on this about 10
minutes a day so I'd say dive in!


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