Debian on the FreeRunner -- a few questions/solutions

Fox Mulder Quakeman1 at
Mon Aug 25 13:12:28 CEST 2008

Timo Juhani Lindfors wrote:
> Fox Mulder <Quakeman1 at> writes:
>> else:
>>     self.timeouts = { \
>>                     "IDLE": 1,
>>                     "IDLE_DIM": 2,
>>                     "IDLE_PRELOCK": 3,
>>                     "LOCK": 4,
>>                     "SUSPEND": 20, \
>>                     }
>> But i don't really know if these numbers are minutes or something else.
> line 119 says they are seconds:
> self.timeout = gobject.timeout_add_seconds( self.timeouts["IDLE"], self.onIDLE )
>> But after installing the new compiled package the result is not exactly
>> what i hoped for. Within xfce and no thone running the behaviour is the
>> same as before. Ahen i start zhone the backlight dims after ~25s and
>> gets complete dark and locks after ~15s more.
> Line 93 reads
> # override default timeouts with configuration (if set)                                                                                              
>         for key in self.timeouts:
>             self.timeouts[key] = config.getInt( MODULE_NAME, key.lower(), self.timeouts[key] )
> so maybe your frameworkd.conf overrides these? I'm sorry for not
> reading the whole source code when I suggested you to change it.
Better than sourcode editing. :)

>> This didn't work at all. When i try to compile it with "apt-get --build
>> source zhone" i get an error message that some archives couldn't be
>> downloaded. I only got zhone_0-git20080809.orig.tar.gz and it also wants
>> the dsc and diff file.
> Can you try again? I just did aptitude update with
> deb-src unstable main
> deb-src sid main
> deb-src experimental main
> in sources.list and can get the sources just fine:
> $ apt-get source zhone
> Reading package lists... Done
> Building dependency tree
> Reading state information... Done
> Need to get 918kB of source archives.
> Get:1 unstable/main zhone 0-git20080809-4 (dsc) [1215B]
> Get:2 unstable/main zhone 0-git20080809-4 (tar) [914kB]
> Get:3 unstable/main zhone 0-git20080809-4 (diff) [2779B]
> Fetched 918kB in 1s (658kB/s)
> dpkg-source: extracting zhone in zhone-0-git20080809
> dpkg-source: info: unpacking zhone_0-git20080809.orig.tar.gz
> dpkg-source: info: applying zhone_0-git20080809-4.diff.gz
I think i was missing the debian source repositories. I only have the
fso source repo in my sources.list.
I will try it again with these two additional repos.

>> Is there a way to change this setting for xfce?
> At the moment if you don't run zhone then brigthness won't change
> depending on idle status. You can always send dbus suitable messages
> yourself to control the brightness from xfce. I can lookup the
> required command to do this if you can't figure it out (but I'm bit
> busy right now).
No problem. To send these commands manually isn't the way i want to
adjust the brightness. ;)


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