Debian on the FreeRunner -- a few questions/solutions

Fox Mulder Quakeman1 at
Mon Aug 25 14:58:49 CEST 2008

Michele Renda wrote:
> Fox Mulder wrote:
>> Another thing is the problem, that xfce always run programs maximized
>> which can't be changed. I would really like to use normal windows which
>> i can change by myself to maximized state or not. This behaviour is
>> shown in the wiki page for manual installation with debian
>> but i used the installation procedure from
>> I think this is just a setting in a configuration file, but i can't find
>> it. :(
> I think is a caracteristic of MatchBox that keep all the window maximzed.
> I am using it, and it seem to be good enought if you remember that in
> the end is only a phone :)
> It you want to change it you have to install xfm, the window manager of
> XFCE. (I think than you have to reconfigure matchbox-keyboard)

Maybe i give xfm a try. But when i think that i have to recunfigure the
matchbox-keyboard to work i first have to find the needed information
for that.

>> And then i wanted to ask if there is a working way to rotate the xfce
>> screen like with 2007.2?
> This will me usefull mee to... something about gesture?
>> For example scummvm isn't useable at all with a resolution of 480x640.
>> Also for video playback it would be really nice, even if video playback
>> at the moment is more of a dream for the future when the performance is
>> getting better. ;)
> Yes, I agree
>> And the last thing is where i can find the actual state of the
>> suspend/resume problem concerning partition table corruption of the sd-card?
>> I completely disabled standby because i don't want to have problems with
>> my partition table on my sd-card. I found this ticket
>> but don't know if this is the right place to look if it is fixed.
>> Without suspend/resume the phone isn't useable at all as daily phone
>> because i always have to shut down and restart the neo to spare the
>> battery. :(
> And GPS, is GPS fix in that kernel too ? :)

Thats a good question. But i tried the gps with tangogps and it works
quide good. So i think the fix is already implemented.
But maybe it only works good because i used the agps utility from the
mokoservicescripts which requests the gps data for my position and feeds
the agps chip with it to get a faster fix. ;)

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