Debian on the FreeRunner -- a few questions/solutions

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Am Montag, den 25.08.2008, 14:42 +0200 schrieb Fox Mulder:
> I'm playing with debian for the last week and there are some new things
> i'm curious about.
> First thing is how i update the kernel and modules?
> I see that while installing debian it uses this kernel from openmoko:
> Now i see that the kernel and modules are updated quite often in the
> openmoko repo, but in the sources.list is no update source for a new
> kernel. The actual openmoko kernel seems to be
> I know that this is the opkg version and not the dpkg for debian, but i
> think somewhere had to be the newest kernel version available for use in
> debian, or not?

ATM, there are no automatic kernel updates in Debian. Phil Kern has
tried to build a proper debian kernel package from the upstream sources,
but it takes a very long time in a qemu builder, so fixing all the
issues with the build was a PITA. So at the moment, you have to manually
download the image from
and put it in /boot.

> And then i wanted to ask if there is a working way to rotate the xfce
> screen like with 2007.2?

Not until either
 * Someone figures out how to do xrandr with the fbdrv in Xorg
 * Someone creates a glamo driver module for Xorg
 * Someone creates a proper Debian package from the Xglamo source

You can rotate the screen in /etc/X11/xorg.conf, but you have to restart
X then.

> And the last thing is where i can find the actual state of the
> suspend/resume problem concerning partition table corruption of the sd-card?
> I completely disabled standby because i don't want to have problems with
> my partition table on my sd-card. I found this ticket
> but don't know if this is the right place to look if it is fixed.
> Without suspend/resume the phone isn't useable at all as daily phone
> because i always have to shut down and restart the neo to spare the
> battery. :(

I haven’t had that problem yet, and I’m not sure what hardware and
kernel versions are responsible for that, so no idea.

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