Debian on the FreeRunner -- a few questions/solutions

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Am Montag, den 25.08.2008, 15:17 +0200 schrieb Fox Mulder:
> > ATM, there are no automatic kernel updates in Debian. Phil Kern has
> > tried to build a proper debian kernel package from the upstream sources,
> > but it takes a very long time in a qemu builder, so fixing all the
> > issues with the build was a PITA. So at the moment, you have to manually
> > download the image from
> > and put it in /boot.
> But when i get the newest kernel from there like
> isn't that not just only the kernel?
> As far as i know i also have to update all the modules for this new
> kernel within /lib/modules/2.6.24.
> But i think these modules are only in the corresponding rootfs image
> So should i download this image and extract the modules and replace it
> on my local rootfs?
> I don't want to update my kernel if i'm not sure if this way is right. :)

Have a look what
does in the "kernel" stage. You download the modules from
along and just untar them in /.

I guess this should go into the wiki.


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