Backup rootfs and turn it into flasheable image

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Mon Aug 25 15:56:38 CEST 2008

El dom, 24-08-2008 a las 19:48 -0500, Eli escribió:
> On Sunday 24 August 2008 06:43:21 pm David Samblas wrote:
> > Hi there I need some help hero because I have done some test but nothing
> > really works.
> >
> > I want to be able to create a flaseable rootfs image from the actual
> > content of te neo, due dfu-util is no usable for this (see
> > I can guess the way
> > would be an scp copy to pc, and create a jffs2 image from the result of
> > the scp copy.
> > but, two cuestion arise and I'm still not found a solution
> > how to avoid special dirs (dev, sys, proc...) or only  not to copy the
> > content of directories like media or mnt?
> > how to create a jffs2 image from the content of a directory?
> Read the "Create rootfs and kernel images" section of 
Debian guys to the rescue! :)
Thanks a lot! I was able to create a jffs2 image from my costumized
raster-zeke neo.
There are somethings a little bit different than the wiki page to make
it work. I post a list of instructions at the end of the message
> > I will be happy to put all this on a script a have a one-command backup
> > image, and due the size of the result (a max 256 Mb) will be a good
> > project to have repository of users image files to show what they have
> > done and some pimp configurations/applications.
> >
> > I am working on a image like an idea I have read on some post here to
> > have an demo-image that in spite of will be in very alpha stage can show
> > in a demo a bit of the capabilities of the neo, (not debian allowed I'm
> > talking about only using the nand :),
> Heh.  Read _all_ of 
> ... Debian fits on 
But not with all I want to put on it :)
> > I'm waiting for my 2Gb Sandisk to 
> > arrive and install Debian at fulltrottel :) ), now I'm using the
> > Raster-Zecke tandem and I have installed succesfully tangogps (gps works
> > maps not showed), numptyphisics,orrery,om-console and rotate(simplier
> > than gestures only rotates the screen) I will like to make pu ic the
> > result of the backup to save time to anyone that needs a quick demo to
> > show , any sugestion of other wow software will be really apreciaeted.
> HTH,
> Eli
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Intructions to backup a 2008.8 based neo to a flashable jffs2 image: 

on neo(or trough a ssh to neo):

opkg mkfs-jffs2
mkdir  /var/tmp/root
mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock6 /var/tmp/root

on PC
(you must have pv installed to saw the progress of the backup, this is
done in ubuntu 8.04, change the ip of the openmoko if needed)
sudo aptitude install pv

ssh root at "mkfs.jffs2 -d /var/tmp/root -e 128 --pad
--no-cleanmarkers" | pv -W > the_name_of_your_rootfs_image_here.jffs2

scp root at

And that's all :)

For all those with other distros, plesae test this and tell what to
modify to do the backups.

There is any place I can make public the 73 Mb + 2 Mb images to wild, I
will in short do it in my own server but I will not have it until end of



Pd.- Thanks a lot Eli :)

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