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Am Montag, den 25.08.2008, 17:08 +0200 schrieb Sebastian Ohl:
> Hi,
> On Sun, 2008-08-24 at 17:53 +0200, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> > Screenshots!
> > And is this a package suitable for inclusion in the Debian archive? Do
> i hope so *G*
> > you want to maintain it yourself, or rather have someone else do it? Is
> > there a VCS repository somewhere, or at least the debian source package?
> the source includes the needed debian files. i think i should be able to
> maintain it myself. but so far i've only build packages for our company
> and not for the public debian repo. so i would be fine if someone who
> have experiance with that will take a look.

I had a look and have some comments:

* You have one tarball including the debian/ directory. Although I
personally slightly disagree it is common practice to not include it in
the released tarball, but only in the debian source package, as part of
the diff.gz, bundled by a .dsc.

What I usually do if I’m also the upstream author is that I build the
tarball with "tar cfz ../...0.1.tar.gz --exclude debian/", and then run
debuild to get the source and binary package.

* Have a look at the python distutils. This makes it easy to have a
tarball that’s useful for all those non-debian-users. Have a look at how did it. You can also install
the .desktop file and the pixmaps this way.

* If you have created a, your debian/ directory will become
very minimal, especially when using debhelper 7. Have a look at

* You have a manual postinst and postrm script, although debhelper
creates these snippets for you. Just remove your script.

* Don’t ship LICENCE (via debian/docs). Rather refer to the GPL in a way
similar to who I did it when packaging pypennotes.

I hope you are not scared by this list :-)

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