Om2008 as a day phone

yochaigal yochaigal at
Mon Aug 25 19:49:24 CEST 2008

I recently removed FSO and put Om on the freerunner; pretty happy overall but
I have some serious contentions with the Qtopia address book and the suspend
I didn't like the previous 2007.7 address book either, but the qtopia one is
SO slow. Is there a way to easily install the FSO version, or something
Also, as you all know the phone sometimes doesn't wake from suspend mode. 
This is very annoying, and I been able to find the fix yet.
Also, when connecting to wifi networks WITHOUT any wep or wpa, the wifi
navigator (in settings) doesn't connect me.
Finally, has anyone gotten midori to work yet? I keep getting dependency
errors, and --nodeps doesn't help.
If I could get the first two out of the way, I'd have an excellent day-use

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