Third request: what *is* the warranty on the Freerunner?

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Tue Aug 26 03:43:20 CEST 2008

I have one for you...
I have been "using" my freerunner for about three weeks now. I ordered it
through as soon as it was possible and I got it about three weeks
later. The OM2007 on it was next to useless so I updated and found a bit
more functionality. Later I installed Qtopia and I really liked that most of
the functionality was there, but I still wanted to run an OM distro, so I
tried the ASU 2008.8. I really dislike where that one is going as far as the
illume UI. So I went back to 2008.4 and kept it that way for a bit. TOday I
plugged my phone into the USB on my PC to charge as I always have (while the
phone was running) and the screen immediately went black. No, with this
being a development phone, this didn't really phase me at first. This thing
has seen its fair share of mysterious power issues. But this time was
different. No matter what I do, I cannot get the damn thing to come back to
life. I know it's not the battery because it was almost half full when I
plugged it in.  But I have tried holding the Power button for 10 seconds,
and the Power/Aux and Aux/Power combos. I've tried these thing both with and
without the AC adapter attached and after pulling the battery for about a

It seems as I have a dead phone now. I don't even hear that distinctive
little hiss that you normally hear when you first press the Power button!

Anybody seen this before??


steve-2 wrote:
>   I have a tiny tiny head so all the hats fit.
> we are putting together a policy for people who bought from the openmoko 
> store. there are several issues. We offer a 14 day DOA Warrenty and a 28 
> day warrenty for 10 packs. The issue is what does DOA mean? Dead on
> Arrival.
> If your GSM doesnt work, but getting a download fixes it? is that DOA?
> If your GSM doesnt work but getting a new card fixes it? is that DOA?
> same with GPS, did the software download fix it?
> If you send the phone back and it works  fine, what to do?
> if you send back a phone and it works fine, who pays for shipping?
> Now in the US at retail you can return something if the sky is blue.
> We can't work that way and build a open source phone. well, we can
> but the cost of blue sky returns would have to be added to the phone.
> In the end, as micheal will tell you, I work every case. So, If you have 
> a problem, email me or micheal. tell us that you tried the fixes we 
> suggested. And we will work from there.
> Michael Shiloh wrote:
>> ian douglas wrote:
>>> Sean/Michael/Community:
>>> It's been asked several times, especially regarding the GPS/SD "fixes" 
>>> and people ordering pico-farad capacitors and soldering irons ... I'm 
>>> hoping that at some point the "squeaky wheel" cliche will work itself 
>>> out and we'll get an answer.
>>> The boxes the Freerunners came in gave no information about warranty, we 
>>> need to hear from Openmoko about what exactly the warranty does cover? 
>>> My understanding of the warranty time limit is that single purchases got 
>>> a 14-day "warranty", and group purchases were given a 28-day "warranty", 
>>> but we've never been told what the warranty includes.
>>> I'd really like to outline some of this on the wiki since we're cleaning 
>>> it all up, etc., and since few users will ever search the mailing list 
>>> archives anyway.
>>> Will it include any recall/repairs needed to fix the GPS/SD problems at 
>>> a hardware level?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Ian
>> Ian, I agree with you, and I'm sure Steve and Sean (and everyone at 
>> Openmoko) do as well.
>> I'm sure that the only reason that Steve has not responded (for he is 
>> the one to respond to this) is that he is completely overwhelmed by 
>> email, manufacturing and shipping, and releasing stuff this week. He is 
>> wearing the hats of Marketing, Operations, Manufacturing, Shipping, 
>> Testing, Hardware and Software final test, Field Engineer Manager, 
>> Customer Service Manager, Product Oversight (a new category I just 
>> created), Trade Show Coordinator, Vertical Market Manager, and many 
>> others I can't even remember.
>> I will be talking to him today and I'll see if we can address this issue.
>> Thanks for helping to keep us focused,
>> Michael
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