2008.8 update

Marek Lindner marek at openmoko.com
Tue Aug 26 10:47:23 CEST 2008

On Tuesday, 26. August 2008 16:31:45 Jelle De Loecker wrote:
> Well, look at those filenames: 20080826-asu-stable-rootfs.jffs2
> <http://downloads.openmoko.org/releases/Om2008.8-update/20080826-asu-stable
>-rootfs.jffs2> It's a filename which actually makes sense!
> Anyhow, I installed the 20080808 image a few days ago and upgraded with
> Zecke's repository and my phone is running really smooth, I'm afraid to
> make any changes to it. I don't even dare to do an opkg upgrade! :)

This is the official update for ASU (including Holgers fixes). An announcement 
and install instruction will follow soon.


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