Debian -- better screen locking

arne anka openmoko at
Tue Aug 26 12:11:33 CEST 2008

> I'm also on Debian. Isn't it best we use a normal screen save and lock
> solution?. Something like xscreensaver, but I'm still not sure it can
> be used without a keyboard.

as long as aux reliably produces a keyboard, that's no hindrance, isn't it?

> But having zhone lock itself is just dumb;), because it's an
> application, running often in a window, so if it locks, it only locks
> itself and not the desktop, so you could still touch the panel.

well, zhone is intended to run standalone.
it would probably helpful, if someone could split it up in separate parts  
(the 4 apps, the battery and the gsm meter, a casing that holds teh all  
thus anybody could use the parts sensible to him/her and zhone would be  
still like one app for those who need it (developers that use zhone for  
testing and those willing to live with the limitations).

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