TangoGPS and Locations maps

julien cubizolles j.cubizolles at free.fr
Tue Aug 26 13:54:36 CEST 2008

Le mardi 26 août 2008 à 13:30 +0200, Michele Renda a écrit :

> The maps used by locations, are vectioral maps?

> > 
> > from what i can tell, locations stores the maps in it's own format, 
> > which is not compatible with tango, which directly uses the png files 
> > supplied by osm:

I don't think so :

Locations :
ls /tmp/diversity-maps/osm/14/8295/
5635.png  5636.png  5637.png  5638.png

ls /home/root/Maps/OSM/14/8295/ ()
5632.png  5634.png  5636.png  5638.png
5633.png  5635.png  5637.png  5639.png

diff /home/root/Maps/OSM/14/8295/5638.png /tmp/diversity-maps/osm/14/8295/5638.png

Maybe copying the maps from TangoGPS to /tmp/diversity-maps/ would work,
without the need for packing them with om-locations-map-pack.

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