Repository and Images

Julian Chu julian_chu at
Tue Aug 26 15:07:37 CEST 2008

Hi Community,

   As I mentioned in the previous mail[1] , we did some works.


   *) A new 2008.8 stable image

      Holger did some changes in ASU-stable branch. We built it and put on[2]


      Oh, it's daily build.

   *) The repository of 2008.8
      After the building process complete, we also sync the repository[3]
      People can upgrade from there.


   *) Base Images and repository
      We have a base image. It is minimal image plus Window
      Manager(e-wm), Om-settings and Om-installer.

      We built the image[4] from git branch without AUTOREV.
      And we have the testing[5] and unstable[6] repository
      We built testing repository without AUTOREV.
      We built unstable repository with AUTOREV.
      Yes, they use the same branch,


      We hope poeple can use the image to install some packages and get
      the power of ASU or FSO or what else in the feature.

      We know that there are still some problems and we are still working
      on that. All we did is for that we hope people can choice what
      they want.

   More informations

      *) All repositories are going to place in
         We will shut down the http interface recently.

      *) When and how do we get Stable branch.

         Once we pass the QA from testing team, we have it.
         However, we need a new testing plan and it is on the way.

Best Regards,


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