Debian -- better screen locking

Marcel tanuva at
Tue Aug 26 17:20:34 CEST 2008

Am Dienstag 26 August 2008 12:11:33 schrieb arne anka:
> > I'm also on Debian. Isn't it best we use a normal screen save and lock
> > solution?. Something like xscreensaver, but I'm still not sure it can
> > be used without a keyboard.
> as long as aux reliably produces a keyboard, that's no hindrance, isn't it?

What about having the power button not directly make the phone go to suspend 
(if it even does) but popping up a menu ("lock", "suspend", "shutdown") 
instead, independent of the used stack/debian desktop? I think I once saw 
this on ASU, but it was the AUX button's menu then.

And for locking: I don't want the neo to turn on the screen and ask for some 
key to unlock everytime something touches it in my pocket. It would be far 
more battery-saving to just have the power button wake it from 
lock/suspend/.. whatever state it is in. IMHO.


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