Nokia wired headsets compatibility

Michael Shiloh michael at
Tue Aug 26 18:15:28 CEST 2008

Matt Joyce wrote:
> I tried 4 shops today, looking for an adapter, no luck at all.  Mostly
> blank, unknowing stares.
> I found/ordered one from ebay, so fingers crossed.
> While this does not direcly address your problem, the ebay description
> mentioned a dozen or more devices which the adapter was compatiblw
> with.
> Thet may give you a clue as to what headsets will work.
> I'll post the text it later today.
> <grumble>
> On a less helpful note, I think it's unhelpful of OM not to either
> sell, supply or link to a suitible adapter.

I'm working through my list of hundreds of saved emails with helpful 
hints for inclusion in the wiki. Somewhere buried in here is an adapter 
that a European customer purchased and reported as working.

On behalf of Openmoko, I apologize that we do not yet have this 
information available.

> My fault for not researching my options before buying my FR, but who
> would have thought the adapter would be so ellusive.  Of course when
> the adaptor arrives, what chance of it working (alsa etc).
> <\grumble>

> On 8/26/08, Alberto Morales <alberto.morales at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In this page at the wiki [1] describes the pinout of the headset
>> connector. It also says that the four-ring 2.5mm stereo jack is used by
>> motorola smartphones and the v-360. Both motorola smartphones and v-360
>> are very difficult to get in stores because v-360 is more than three
>> years old. I've spend today three hours in a dozen stores in my city and
>> i only found one, new but in very bad state, and very expensive (~25
>> eur).
>> [1]
>> Some new nokia mobiles have the same kind of connector. This wiki page
>> [2] says that the nokia 3.5-2.5 adapters doesn't work, but says nothing
>> about nokia headsets. Some nokia headset model numbers with the same
>> plug are: HS-45/AD-54, WH-700, HS-44/AD-44, HS-47, HS-40. Have you tried
>> any of these on the Neo?
>> [2]
>> Thanks
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