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Wed Aug 27 04:21:10 CEST 2008

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> but as such it will display the most likely matches in the dictionary based on
> how far the "typo" is from the word (the closest wins). it doesn't try and
> predict at all - only "fix" so you have to type all the letters - it just makes
> up for typos and a "fat finger" on a "small screen". press top-left dictionary
> icon to select dictionaries when no word is being composed (select this to list
> ALL matches - EXACTLY what you typed will be the first thing in the list always
> - if you select it it gets added to your personal dictionary so it can match
> and fix your typos later).

Well I have to say that it doesn't work always as expected... :/ I'm 
comparing the prediction of the illume keyboard with the one of the 
qtopia keyboard and using the same dictionary (well, in different 
formats but it contains in both cases the same 446674 words).
So, using the qtopia keyboard the correction applies always, while with 
the illume keyboard the more the word is long and more the 
typo-correction fails.

Using smaller dictionaries the things improves, but my dictionary isn't 
complete yet :o!

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