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On Wed, Aug 27, 2008 at 3:29 AM, Stroller
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> On 26 Aug 2008, at 12:55, Yorick Moko wrote:
>> On Tue, Aug 26, 2008 at 1:48 PM, Fredrik Wendt <fredrik at>
>> wrote:
>>> ...
>>> I've failed to find a way to login to my La Fonera wifi router. wget
>>> doesn't support httpS and python is lacking httplib. I guess I could
>>> make it work with WPA but that won't help me at work where I need to
>>> login to a similar network. ...
>> I log in to my la fonera+ (WPA2 encryption) with mofi
>> works withouth problems or having to make a wpa_sup file...
> This doesn't help if you want to log into a FON access point away
> from home.
> For anyone who doesn't use FON, the idea is that you use one of their
> routers at home, share your broadband with other "fonneras" and in
> return you can use FON access points elsewhere. FON make their money
> by also allowing purchased subscriptions, for €5 per day or so. When
> one uses one's home AP one can indeed access using WPA, but the FON
> hardware offer two "virtual APs" (see madwifi) and at a remote or
> "public" FON access point one connects to the unencrypted wifi
> network and must enter one's FON username & password in an https
> webpage (or buy credits from FON via PayPal, also https encrypted).
> So automation of FON logon may best be achieved using, as Fredrik
> observes, https scripting.
> Fredrik has also said, Yorick, that your suggestion doesn't help him
> at work where he has to log on in a similar manner.
> Best suggestions I can think of are to see if there's an https-
> enabled (SSL-enabled?) version of curl in the repositories or perhaps
> a Perl library? Alternatively compile wget or Python httplib yourself
> using OpenEmbedded.
> I mentioned before, in a much-ignored post, how impressed I was with
> the Nokia N95's ability to wake the WLAN / GPRS and check for email
> if networks were available. Presumably later distros will be able to
> connect automatically to the 'net when a browser is opened - it would
> be great if FON were accommodated in this mechanism, although I won't
> be holding my breath.
> Stroller.
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