Toggling keyboard layouts in 2008.8 update

Alex Fitzpatrick agfitzp.openmoko at
Wed Aug 27 10:01:30 CEST 2008

Alex Fitzpatrick wrote:
> I feel like an idiot... oh well...
> I was poking around looking for information on modifying keyboard 
> layouts and bumpted into this:
> Which suggested to me that I had not tried all the possibilities with 
> the qtopia keyboard that I have grown to loath so quickly.
> What I did discover was I an switch between "pages" of layouts by 
> stroking quickly up or down... like the "backspace" gesture only 
> vertically... and hey-presto... I have more characters... except enter?
I found enter! I can die happy now... Enter is last character on the 
symbols "page"


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