Repository and Images

Marek Lindner marek at
Wed Aug 27 10:33:25 CEST 2008


this merits some more details:

>    *) Base Images and repository
>       We have a base image. It is minimal image plus Window
>       Manager(e-wm), Om-settings and Om-installer.

We will shift away from preinstalled phone stack images. Instead, we provide 
a "base image" which allows you to install your preferred applications 
(GTK/Qtopia/SHR/FSO/etc) and really own your phone. 
Currently, we are in the process of getting this system running smoothly. 
Early adopters / testers / developers are invited to test it. We also 
encourage $your_project to be built by our auto builder and become 
installable on the base image. This should give you the time to focus on 
improving your project instead of building and distributing it.
The "unstable" package feed will always contain your latest code, "testing" 
the version you think is ready for use.


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