ASU : can't import vcf contacts

julien cubizolles j.cubizolles at
Wed Aug 27 13:11:50 CEST 2008

Le mardi 26 août 2008 à 17:54 +0200, julien cubizolles a écrit :

> I did :
> sed -r -e 's/;TYPE=([^,]+),[^;]+;/;TYPE=\1;/g' liste_nonphoto.vcf |
> iconv -t 'ascii//TRANSLIT' > newfile.vcf
> and newfile.vcf still has some HOME,VOICE fields

I adapted the sed line : it's now 
sed -r -e 's/;TYPE=([^,]+),[^;]+([;:])/;TYPE=\1\2;/g' liste_nonphoto.vcf

and it's now picking up the "HOME,VOICE" strings whether they end up
with a ";" or ":". The multiple entries are now all removed.

I also added a -e 's/\\n/ /g' to get read of some strange newlines I had
lying around.

I can now import some of my contacts picked at random in a large .vcf
file if I put them in another shorter .vcf file but I can't import the
whole lot of them (several tens) because of some other error I can't
find and the Freerunner isn't verbose enough to tell me which one

Is there some king of strict-vcf-format-checker somewhere I could use ? 


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