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> Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> > On Wed, 27 Aug 2008 04:21:10 +0200 "Marco Trevisan (Treviño)"
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> >> Well I have to say that it doesn't work always as expected... :/ I'm 
> >> comparing the prediction of the illume keyboard with the one of the 
> >> qtopia keyboard and using the same dictionary (well, in different 
> >> formats but it contains in both cases the same 446674 words).
> >> So, using the qtopia keyboard the correction applies always, while with 
> >> the illume keyboard the more the word is long and more the 
> >> typo-correction fails.
> > 
> > how are you using the correction? are you just taking he "most like;y" 1
> > word only - it should list all corrections - the one you want should be
> > there - without frequency information it may not be the most likely match
> > though. it could also be that the with illume the .kbd sets the "fuzz"
> > value - this is the search distance for neighbouring keys. this fuzz value
> > may be too low for your fingers? i really need to know more. also the
> > algorithm for sorting "best match" is commented with FIXME's - it's very
> > simple, so if it gets the correction listed (check the full list by
> > pressing the top-left dictionary icon) then it's finding it - just not
> > sorting it that well. if it is not there
> > - it's likely a fuzz value issue. a user config for multiplying the fuzz
> > value might be good (to increase search space).
> Well, generally for small words there's a correction list, but it's not 
> always complete and often there are words very different from the one 
> I'd like to write, but not that one. So maybe it doesn't search in all 
> the dictionary. I could I try that?
> However my fingers are not so great...
> If you want I can send you my dictionaries, so you'll be able to test 
> them in a better way.

hmm. is this english? i am wondering if non-ascii chars are messing it up or
not. your dictionary may be useful - i have just been going off my 98,000 or so
entry dict from /usr/share/dict/words which seems to be big enough for me it
seems and has pretty much everything in it... for english anyway. as its used
for spellchecking i kind of assumed it'd be good enough for typing up sms's and
emails :) at least in my tests it is listing all the completions i'd expect it
to. did you sort -f the illume dict? (non-case-sensitive sort)?

> > and is it really the same dictionary? how are you creating the illume and
> > qpe dictionaries?
> They're based on an online free dictionary, then while illume uses a 
> list of sorted words, qtopia uses the same list converted to dawg using 
> qdawgen (I don't studied a lot that format but if I'm not wrong [maybe 
> I'm only mixing my ideas about a dictionary file format] it represents 
> the words in some threes where the roots are the composed by the letters 
> and every node could be both a father and a child. I guess that reduces 
> the size of the dictionary [1,9mb vs  6mb] and maybe its analysis).
> However they contain the same words!

illume's dict is 6mb? hmm i guess the raw text there has a lot of redundancy :)
i tried to keep the dictionary simple in illume but am always willing to look
at other ways to improve it. though the keyboard is not really a focus of mine
- it's something along the way so there may come a time when i go "well- you
want it better.. please.. send a patch!"... but its fresh on my plate now, so
it's active :)

> >> Using smaller dictionaries the things improves, but my dictionary isn't 
> >> complete yet :o!
> > 
> > hmm - if it isnt working well for you i am interesting in fixing it - so i'm
> > probing for info. :)
> Nice to ear! :)
> Another thing I'd like to suggest you is that imho the backspace/space 
> right-left/left-right dragging is too long. If you try writing using 
> your thumbs you can notice that is hard deleting a word... Imho they 
> should be more sensible.

from illume's TODO file (in svn):

* kbd needs drag for backspace/next word etc. to be shorter

:) already there. :) well - as with accent normalising - there is a marker that
i realise something needs to be done.

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